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When your stuff is broken your world is not right, you need it fixed. Now. And you want it done right, so it will last. And it would be really nice if the repair guy was clean and courteous, highly competent and professional, and well, nice. That’s a Service Hero.

Here at Omega Force, we want to be the guys you call when anything breaks, and the guys you recommend to all your friends. In fact, we promise to provide such an amazing and totally exceptional repair service experience that you may just want to break something on purpose. Just so one of us will come back soon.

Amazing service is our standard. We stock our own parts, or get them locally, so we can get parts quickly in most cases. We have very fair fees and we promise to never give you any surprises at the end.

Phil Whiteford, Owner and Service Hero
My name is Phil Whiteford. I live with my beautiful wife, Theresa, and our four amazing kids in the Northwest metro area of the Twin Cities. I spent 10 years as a repair technician with one of the most well-known service companies on the planet. I was ranked as one of their top and most highly-rated techs. I’m factory-trained and can service most appliances. My service area is mainly focused on the north metro.

I started Omega Force because I wanted to build a business where I can work with great families doing what I do best, while spending more time with my own. I wanted to create a business known for going above and beyond the usual to deliver the kind of service that I would want my own family to receive. I want to be known as the guy who does it right, and treats people right, every time. I want to be a Force for Good. I want to be your Service Hero.

Delton, Service Hero

I’m Delton, and I am excited to be a part of Omega Force. I live in the south metro with my wife, Heidi, and our two boys, Logan and Owen. I enjoy sports, especially playing on my church softball team and playing basketball, and as a family we love camping up north every summer. I worked with Phil for five years as a repair technician at the same well-known service company mentioned earlier and, like Phil, can service most appliances. My service area is focused on the south metro.

I love interacting with all the different people I meet on the job at Omega Force – people like you. I want to be your trustworthy and knowledgeable go-to guy for all of your service repair needs. I am honored to work with Phil and proud to be your Service Hero.

Todd, Service Hero

Hi, I’m Todd, and I live and work in the Northwest metro. I love being a Service Hero. I like meeting people, and I enjoy seeing different challenges every day. I've worked in the appliance industry for over 20 years; first, at a brand-name home appliance store, then as the owner of my own service company. I joined Omega Force Services because I believe in what the company stands for: treating our clients well, rewarding excellence, honoring family, and doing things right. When you call with an appliance problem, I’ll do things the same way I would for my own family – carefully, respectfully, and the right way – every time.

When I’m not on Service Hero duty, I put lots of time into being Dad, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. My son and daughter are both busy in high school sports, and I like running to all their activities. During the summer I love heading to my family’s lake place for jet skiing, swimming, games and time with family.

Angie, Service Hero Coordinator

Hi, my name is Angie. When you call Omega Force Services, I’m the friendly voice you hear on the phone. Of course, everyone else here is friendly too, but since I coordinate the scheduling you’ll probably hear my voice first. I also do all the invoicing for Omega Force.

I like working with Omega Force because I love what we’re all about – honesty, integrity and just being nice. The owners and my co-workers are great. Since I won’t get to see you on service calls, I look forward to helping you when you call or email. I’ll answer your questions and emails quickly and professionally.

I’m happily married and have three grown children. I enjoy traveling, walking, reading and spending time with family and friends. I live in the South metro, where I happily work from my home office. I guess that makes me a home-based Service Hero!

Mark, Service Hero

My name is Mark, and my Service Hero back-story might be a little different than the other guys.' I first met Phil when he helped me diagnose a broken fridge, after being introduced through church friends. I quickly found Phil was someone I liked and respected, and I’ve been a big fan of Omega Force Services ever since (plus, I thought Phil had a really cool job).

Here’s the twist: I was a custom jeweler for 20 years, designing and working in fine metal. It might seem like a stretch, then, to move into appliance repair, but I’ve always been a fix-it guy, and have enjoyed building and maintaining machines since I knew how to use a socket wrench. As a jeweler and machinist, I learned a lot of great skills. I’ve since augmented that experience through an appliance technician training program, earning national certifications. Now I use the big tools, and bring a jeweler’s attention to detail when servicing appliances. I'm passionate about doing things right the first time, and believe the simple rule: treat others as I hope to be treated.

When I’m not fixing stuff or designing jewelry I enjoy spending time with my family – on vacations, road trips and the occasional visit to the Waffle House! I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for 20 years, and I’m Dad to four great kiddos that keep us busy. I love camping, playing music with the church worship team, playing with guitars and amps, watching Chevy Chase movies (when he was still funny), and cheering on the hometown Twins, Vikings and Wild.