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The Dishwasher Brain Fritz Fix

    Just wanted to give shout-out to Phil and Omega Force Services. Our dishwasher stopped washing, soI called Phil. He quickly...
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The Dryer Was Chasing Us From the House!

    Our "working" dryer had been making a terrible noise for weeks. My husband is of the team "if it's not broken...
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My Kids Are Service Hero Fans

    Omega Force (Todd) has been to our home twice - once to fix our dryer and once our oven. He's cheerful, prompt, courteous,...
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The Case of the Cranky Clothes Dryer

    I feel like my second job is laundry! So when my dryer started to make a horrible noise, I knew who to call! Phil was out and...
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Washing Machine Rescue

    Omega Force came within 24 hrs of my cry for help to fix my washing machine (I called them after NUMEROUS referrals from...
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My pleasure to Recommend


Too often, having appliance repair service is a timely, painful and frustrating experience.

Your company positively exceeded my expectations - thank you!

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He's Fast and Fair

    "Thank you for YOUR business! Mark was thrilled that you were so fast, knowledgeable, honest and fair. I'm so glad to have found you while searching for appliance repair help. We will be contacting you again when we need service...
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Clean Your Dryer. Just Sayin!

    Phil just serviced my dryer motor. I had not needed service for 15 years so needless to say the inside of the dryer parts were FULL of dust and lint. In fact a big bunch of the lint had burn marks on it like it had started on fire. So just ...wanted...
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Phil to the Rescue!

    Just wanted to let people know about my very positive experience with Phil and Omega Force Services. We had a problem with our washing machine, so I contacted OFS to see if it was something they could help out with. Phil...
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"Go To" Guy


Every time we have had a problem with any of our appliances, Phil has come to the rescue!  He is reliable and trustworthy.  We had another serviceman come out and tell us that the repair for one of our appliances was going to be $200...

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In Love With Ice

    I had initially heard about Phil from some other people that he fixed appliances for. Our ice maker was broken and I am desperately in love with my ice maker so I was willing to pay whatever he wanted to charge.  Seriously, because of...
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Luggin' Laundry Is No Fun!

    "So, imagine lugging a laundry basket of sopping wet laundry across the street to your neighbors house. Well that was us, not all that long ago. Our dryer was making this horrid screeching sound and smelled like smoke – but I had a...
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Almost Funny

    Phil has been our appliance hero on more than one occasion.  He provided same-day repair for our washing machine and a speedy resolution to our ice-maker issues. Both times, he made us feel like our problem was his problem and that fixing...
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He Saved Me $$$!

    My washing machine sounded like an airplane taking off during the spin cycle. I contacted the factory who said the part that failed was not under warranty and I had to buy a whole new drum to fix it. Then I contacted (a competitor) and they came...
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Making it Easy

    My husband and I are very satisfied with Phil’s work! He returned our phone call right away and helped fix our appliance issues very quickly! Last year, our refrigerator stopped working. We thought we would have to go buy a new one, but...
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The Ice-Maker Man Cometh

    I highly recommend Phil for your appliance service needs. I appreciate a guy who seeks the simplest and cheapest solution. A while back, our icemaker was leaking. I could not figure out why and was resigned to buying a new one. Being a bit of...
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