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Service Hero Tips

If you’re one of those do-it-yourself weekend warriors, sometimes you just need a little help to figure it out. Hey, if we can help you fix your own stuff – or keep it running better – with just a few tips, that’s awesome. Go for it. The world needs more heroes.

But if it’s REALLY broken, don’t be afraid to call in the Omega Force Service Hero. There’s no shame in that, really

Tip 3 - When Lightning Strikes

After the big storms this past weekend I was compelled to write a blog about protecting your appliances and TV’s. I got a call from my father-in-law after their house got hit by lightning this past weekend. It can happen to anyone, so what can you do to help keep your appliances and TV’s safe? Every TV you buy today and 99% of new appliances have circuit boards in them. Circuits boards are easily damaged by lightning strikes. I have been to houses where the sprinkler system, garage door openers, appliances, cordless phones, DVD players, and etc. were cooked in a moment.

Yes, if your house gets hit by lighting your equipment is likely covered by your homeowners insurance. Deductible’s can be costly depending on your insurance plan. Our deductible is $1000, we can buy a lot of surge protectors for $1000.

I recommend putting a surge protector on all your appliances and TV’s. These don’t cost much and can save you a big headache when lightning strikes. As Dave Ramsey says, “you will then have a finance problem and an appliance problem.”

You can purchase single outlet surge protectors for behind your refrigerator or any appliance. I put links down below from Amazon.com to the ones shown in the pictures. Some of them will add another 2 inches to your plug and then your fridge or range will stick out into the room even further. Get a surge protector with the plug on the side or bottom to prevent this problem. For Tv’s and other electronics you can get a standard surge protected outlet strip. Not all surge protectors are created equally. I have seen some Monster brand surge protectors that were literally in pieces and the equipment still turned on. The good surge protectors will cover your equipment if it is damaged while plugged into the surge protector.

If you are only going to buy one surge protector, I would buy one that also protects your cable or satellite coax cable. I have seen so many TV’s that have gotten smoked because the cable line or satellite dish got hit by lightning. I would say this is the most common problem I see. Usually the cable box or dish box gets hit and then the lightning travels through the HDMI cable and takes out the main board on the TV.

In the end, surge protectors are very cheap insurance.

Cheapest Option-Plug on front


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Little more money, plug on the side

Surge protector with coax protection.

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