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Service Hero Tips

If you’re one of those do-it-yourself weekend warriors, sometimes you just need a little help to figure it out. Hey, if we can help you fix your own stuff – or keep it running better – with just a few tips, that’s awesome. Go for it. The world needs more heroes.

But if it’s REALLY broken, don’t be afraid to call in the Omega Force Service Hero. There’s no shame in that, really

Tip 2 - Removing Dishwasher Stains
This is a common issue we see. Hard water kills dishwashers so fast. If you start to see hard water deposits accumulating in your dishwasher get it taken care of right away. There are three options I have seen work successfully all with varying results. We will start with my least favorite and move to my favorite method.

1-Vinegar/Tang/Lemonade -I have tried Vinegar and gotten marginal results. I think it is the least effective of the three methods, however it is the cheapest. This part is crucial to Vinegar working. If you put Vinegar in right away it will be pumped out of your dishwasher after roughly 15 minutes at the end of the prewash cycle. Turn your dishwasher on and set a timer for 20 minutes, open up the door and put in the vinegar. Repeat this process until the dishwasher is clean. I would not use Tang, Lemonade, Kool-Aid or any other substance. The products can stain plastic and the damage is irreversible other than replacing parts.

2-CLR (calcium, Lime, Rust Remover) This stuff works great. Follow the directions on the back of the package for dishwasher use. This is also a liquid so you need to use it the same as Vinegar. Turn dishwasher on and set a timer for 20 minutes and then put the CLR in. I would also use the longest hottest cycle your dishwasher has. This stuff is a poison and it makes a lot of suds. I have seen this stuff suds up so much it leaks out of the dishwasher. Make sure you run another cycle to clean the poison out. Smell the inside of your dishwasher, if it smells like CLR run another cycle.

3-Lemi-Shine This is my favorite solution and it is the easiest to use. Customers absolutely love this stuff and it does a good job. This has a pleasant lemon smell and can be used in place of normal dishwasher detergent. You use your dishwasher as normal, except you put in lemi-shine instead of detergent. Lots of places carry this stuff. I have seen it at Target and Walmart. It is $7 a bottle on Amazon. It really works well! If you have a bad hard water problem I would run your dishwasher through on the longest hottest cycle, even a couple times if need be. This will get your dishwasher sparkly clean after enough cycles.

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