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Service Hero Tips

If you’re one of those do-it-yourself weekend warriors, sometimes you just need a little help to figure it out. Hey, if we can help you fix your own stuff – or keep it running better – with just a few tips, that’s awesome. Go for it. The world needs more heroes.

But if it’s REALLY broken, don’t be afraid to call in the Omega Force Service Hero. There’s no shame in that, really

Tip 1 - Funky Dryer Smell
I have frequently gotten calls from customers complaining that their dryer smells like it is about to explode. They say it has a strong gas smell inside and it smells like kerosene. You can get this smell from both a gas and electric dryer. When you take the clothes out they smell like they were just washed in kerosene.
What is the problem you ask? There is usually nothing to be concerned about in this scenario. It is caused by using chemicals in the house. The dryer burns the chemicals and then puts the smell into the clothes. It is most commonly caused by oil based paints and varnishes, however I have seen latex paints cause it as well.
What's the solution? You need to air out the house the best you can. I see this problem more in the winter time than the summer as a result of the house being closed up in the winter. Our nose will get used to the smell so even if you can't smell it, the dryer will still produce the smell if the fumes are in the house. Once the house is aired out, run the dryer on high heat to help burn the smell out of the dryer.
My wife and I put a 3 season porch on our house 5 years ago and used polyurethane to seal the pine wood in the porch. It was in March that the porch was getting finished up. Our dryer had the kerosene smell for three weeks, trust me it really smells terrible.>

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