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Tip 6 - Just Say 'No' to Cracks in Dishes


Are your dishes coming out of the dishwasher chipped? Most likely there's a broken rack tine doing the damage. Repairing...

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Tip 5 - The Truth about Refrigerator Water Filters


About the author - Phil runs Omega Force Services which services appliances the Twin Cities area in MN. If you need service, visit the website – Omegaforceservices.com. If you want all the future blog posts you can...

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Tip 4 - Poor Refrigerator Water pressure?


I commonly get calls with a complaint that the water coming from the water dispenser is slow. The nice folks have installed a new water filter and the water pressure is not as good as it was when the fridge was brand new.

In almost every...

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Tip 3 - When Lightning Strikes


After the big storms this past weekend I was compelled to write a blog about protecting your appliances and TV’s. I got a call from my father-in-law after their house got hit by lightning this past weekend. It can happen to...

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Tip 1 - Funky Dryer Smell

    I have frequently gotten calls from customers complaining that their dryer smells like it is about to explode. They say it has a strong gas smell inside and it smells like kerosene. You can get this smell from both a gas and electric dryer. ...
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Tip 2 - Removing Dishwasher Stains

    This is a common issue we see. Hard water kills dishwashers so fast. If you start to see hard water deposits accumulating in your dishwasher get it taken care of right away. There are three options I have seen work successfully all with varying...
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